Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic (Cosmetic) plastic surgery is designed to alter or improve appearance in the absence of disease or physical ‘deformity’. Patient selection and a procedure tailored to the specific issue that the person wants to address are vital in order to obtain a successful outcome. Realistic expectations of what can be achieved with surgery, must be understood if disappointment and complications are to be avoided.

Mr. Murray limits his aesthetic surgery practice to skeletal bony surgery and in particular jaw surgery. He considers the consultation process of paramount importance. During the first consultation he will ask about the issues that are of particular concern. Following a past medical history enquiry and a comprehensive examination, Mr. Murray will discuss the options available as well as the limitations of the procedure, and a general discussion regarding what to expect after the surgery. Questions are always encouraged so ensure that the patient feels fully informed. The patient is then asked to return for a more comprehensive discussion if he/she intends to proceed with surgery, not less than two weeks after the original consultation. Where possible Mr. Murray’s administrative staff will accommodate the timing of surgery in order to minimize the inconvenience to the patient.